ACS Services

AQUÍ Centro de Soporte al Cliente S.L., is your specialist in Telemarketing and promotion. We conduct opinion polls for both public as well as private entities using for this purpose internal and external databases. Our catalogue of services also includes database development and any other value-added tasks related to the services above mentioned, from customer search to the provision of specialized services.

Our company has satisfactorily completed the evaluation process and has obtained the E-quality certification which proves that ACS SL fully complies with legal requirements regarding the personal data protection.

  • Telephone Opinion Polls
    This commercial management service consists of conducting telephone opinion polls that will facilitate you first-hand knowledge of your market and clients, the level of satisfaction and client´s perception of your company.
  • Opinion Polls
    With this service you will obtain the most reliable results, no matter what kind of information you would need, as well as statistics which are necessary to a better understanding of data obtained.
  • Telemarketing
    We carry out all kinds of promotional campaigns and sale of your products via telephone which will increase the profitability of your company.
  • Appointment Arrangement
    You can optimize and direct your sales force efforts and time. A call prior to the appointment will provide you all the necessary information from your client giving you the opportunity to identify his/her purchase intent.
  • Action monitoring
    This service will enable you to get to know the real impact of a particular advertising campaign, see the result of the mailing action you performed, know the impression that your clients got of a business visit…
  • Call Reception (Customer Service 3.0)
    Our call center receive all calls from your clients that use your customer service telephone number in order to get information, deal with complaints and claims, resolve possible problems…, all these activities will be integrated into e-mail and social networks.
  • Virtual secretary, database actualization, BackOffice, e-mail sending…
Aqui Centro Soporte al Cliente SL. Calle Panades 2. 33208 - Gijon. +34 984 19 30 70.